Last week, Peter and Sam from the QPOD team traveled to Bunnythorpe in the mighty Manawatu to visit an Origin Homes site. But this wasn’t just any site—it was the first site first one to receive our brand-new CodeMark certification!

To celebrate this achievement and give you an insider’s view, we held a virtual open site. Join us as we take you on a first-hand look at the QPOD system, explore perimeter steel detailing, insulation options, plumbing penetrations, and answered a host of great questions!

Virtual Open Site Recording

Site Snaps

CodeMark Resources

Keen to understand QPOD’s CodeMark™ certification in more detail and the cost and time saving it offers when it comes to your next foundation? You’ll find our CodeMark resources below, or if you’d like more information simply book a catch-up with Peter our General Manager who will be able to answer any questions you might have about your specific needs around QPOD.