We’re in the middle of an exciting shift of consciously recognizing better choices of what we enjoy and consume in every day life – choices that are making life on Earth better for today and the future. We all benefit from construction and development, it means a roof over our heads, keep us safe, help us care for our families wellbeing and nurture their future, construction gives us the opportunity to innovate and explore our potential.

Construction material is the battleground in which we operate and it’s our opportunity to show the world what good we can do with recycled materials, to choose a sustainable solution over traditional antiquated and environmentally harmful material choices.

QPOD - Earth Friendly Flooring

Made from recycled material and 100% recyclable with zero landfill waste, the QPOD™ flooring system makes sense in so many ways.

We’re empowering home owners, architects, engineers, contractors, governments and entrepreneurs alike to make the Earth Friendly foundation choice today. The complete QPOD system has opened up new ways of perceiving construction for people who thought building on our beautiful landscape inevitably came with sacrifice of unhealthy material choices, until now.

QPOD™ Flooring System shares many of the advantages of existing ‘pod’ flooring concepts, structurally we aren’t creating anything novel, but we are revolutionising the way it impacts on the environment around us. We can’t ignore that today’s market is crying out for a more sustainable eco-friendly solution to replace the polystyrene convenience we are so used to.

By unlocking the potential of recycled plastics, we are making a tangible difference to life on Earth.


Recycling Commitment

QPOD™ are committed to a more sustainable planet and have partnered with reputable suppliers in New Zealand and offshore to source 100% recycled plastics for our manufacturing process.
The following statement made by Budget Plastics NZ a key supplier is speaks for itself:

“All our products are manufactured from 100% recycled materials. Started 10 years ago,
we are located in Palmerston North and currently the only plastic recycler and manufacturer in the lower North Island.
Our raw materials come from a wide range of sources within the North Island.
We are especially proud of our association with the Palmerston North City Council in efforts to recycle Plastic Waste.
We have a creative team that make it their focus to deliver innovative products to our clients and a manufacturing team that is always looking at ways to maximise your productivity as well as reducing impact on the natural environment. We want to create our products around our customers’ needs, so our products can be customized to any size and colour requirements.
If our clients are happy and successful the so are we!”
Budget Plastics NZ

Recycling our plastic is a noble move, but let’s not overlook our first obligation of disposing or recycling our resources responsibly. Trash in the gutter on the side of the road is not so easy to process, put it in the recycling bin.
The modular QPOD™ Foundation System is designed to minimize waste on the site leaving behind only small cutouts for pipes and services. This amounts to less than 0.0005% waste on any construction site choosing to work with QPOD™ . Any cutouts are 100% recyclable in curbside recycling schemes and QPOD™ Manufacturing plants.
Join us in our mission for a more sustainable planet.