Save Time, Save Money. QPOD™ CodeMark™ Certification

When we set out on seeking CodeMark™ approval for QPOD™ we had one thing in mind, our customers. Why?

Because not only are they amongst some of the coolest architects, builders and designers going (see proof below), but we also knew you needed a change so here’s what QPOD’s all new CodeMark certificate means you’ll now get when you work with CodeMark™ for QPOD™

Cost Savings


It’s a competitive world out there, and every dollar counts. The now CodeMark™-certified QPOD™ Earth-Friendly Foundation system will save you money. 



Reducing cost with less concrete just makes business sense. Fire up our calculator below to see just what that saving looks like.

Choosing QPOD Continuous means less steel, reducing your overall foundation cost. Again, the calculator below will help.

Say goodbye to laborious engineering processes, now with CodeMark™  approval you can kiss goodbye those engineering costs. Huzzah!

Brain Savings


According to research, the average person has approximately 70,000 thoughts per day, using 100 billion neurons. that connect at more than 500 trillion points. That’s a lot of numbers. With the CodeMark™ approved QPOD™ foundation system you can give your brain a bit of a rest. In fact our numbers are pretty straight forward now as you’ll see below.



You’re no longer bound by the colour of the concrete mixer we choose. You can now use any certified concrete product that you choose. 

CodeMark certification streamlines the approval process, saving your brain, saving your time, and saving your money

Sorry polystyrene, no one loves you any more. You’re cooking our waterways, and boy are you a mess to clean up. 

Your Resources


When we were applying for CodeMark™ approval, we wanted to create a Design Manual that was simple to follow, and easy to understand. What we lack in fancy diagrams we make up for in nice easy steps. You’ll find the Design Manual below along with that very shiny certificate.

Dig Into Your Savings


Remember that calculator we mentioned above? Well here it is, give it a dig, and explore what your savings could look like when using our Continous system. 



Here at QPOD™, we’re humans too, and we firmly believe in the power of humans connecting with humans. So we’d love the opportunity to connect and answer any questions you may have around QPOD™ in general or our CodeMark™ approval.



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