Installing QPOD

Here we share the common tips and tricks of installing the QPOD system.

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Place 100mm spacers at 1200mm centres for ribs.

Place 300mm spacers at 1200mm centres for beams.


Where less than 4 x pods in a square are required simply pull apart accordingly and re-assemble with spacers and end caps.

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VOID FILLERS Although standalone void fillers are not recommended they may be required in an isolated pocket to fill a void. Standalone void fillers are made up of 1-4 100mm extensions and 2 x end caps. Standalone void fillers must be supported on both sides with additional 100-300mm spacers (at least 3 x per void filler). Spacers must be attached to the end cap. Additional barchairs may be specified to hold mesh from sagging. ASSEMBLY As cap doesn’t fix to opposite end of extensions, fix second end cap secure with screws.

Plumbing and Pipe Penetrations

There are two options for installing the plumbing services in combination with waffle slabs. The pipes can either be installed within the subgrade beneath the pods and concrete foundation or within the depth of the waffle slab itself.

Services for a QPOD™ foundation is preferred to be arranged underground leaving only vertical penetrations in the pod configuration according to local consent and ground condition specifications. Follow standard detailing procedure for penetration. The following instruction applies only to specific locations where services are preferred above ground due to seismic movement concerns, ie Christchurch.

In Slab Services

Where falls allow and for all gas or critical ducting it is recommended the pipes are installed within the depth of the floor slab (type 1) flexible lagging shall also be included around the pipes. Installing the pipes within the depth of the slab will mitigate the risk of damage occurring underneath the floor (where it would be difficult to repair) in the event of an earthquake.

Subgrade Services

Where pipes cannot achieve the required fall, or if the diameter is too large, these can be installed within the subgrade (type 2) and penetrate up vertically through the slab. Again, a clearance around the pipe shall be maintained (25mm minimum or recommended 50mm as per the MBIE guidance).

Rib & Footing Penetrations

Pipes are not permitted to run along or within ribs and footings or penetrate up through ribs and footings without special detailing. Pipes are permitted to cross perpendicular through a rib or footing providing they are located with the middle third of the depth of the waffle slab and are 50mm diameter or less.



If services are going to be places above ground please follow the correct method demonstrated here for best results:

1. Services are placed and trenched according to the QPOD layout plan before QPOD configuration is laid.

2. As QPOD configuration is laid holes are cut in the side of pods to create the necessary fall required, please see diagram a. ‘creating fall’ on following page.

3. Follow method described in diagram c. to cut holes in QPOD Closed 2 sides pods or QPOD End caps.

4. Use flexible sealant and foam lagging to seal off all penetrations appropriately.


Using sabre saw cut a hole maximum 50mm bigger than service pipe, (maximum service pipe for horizontal rib penetrations is 50mm).


Fold back cut to slot pod over the pipe. Repeat this on each pod creating the required fall based on Creating Fall on following page, diagram a & b.


Seal service pipes with flexible lagging and foam sealant as per specification. Minimum flexible lagging 25mm allowance as per 3604 stds.


Shower recesses can be formed to a maximum of 50mm by lowering the QPOD standard height of 220mm. The Superslab Codemark allows solution (a) pictured here, where the QPOD is reduced 50mm in height. An alternative for SED solutions is to cut out and revert the 40mm up-stand on the QPOD shown in solution (b). Both versions are available to purchase pre-made from QPOD for your site. 

QPOD’s modified shower recess with 50mm cut from bottom to
reduce the height.

QPOD - Earth Friendly Flooring


QPOD also stock these unique extra high bar chairs for situations at free joints, beams or thickenings where mesh may be prone to sagging or additional steel is required in the topping.

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