QPOD Continuous Foundation System


Made from recycled material and 100% recyclable with zero landfill waste. The all-new CodeMark-approved QPOD foundation system is the first choice for the eco-conscious.

The QPOD™ Foundation System is designed to save the user time while providing an eco-friendly alternative to the already tried and proven 3604 slab on grade and ‘Raft’ style foundation configurations.

QPOD™ Continuous is an above ground foundation system that delivers real benefits over conventional concrete foundations. A nest of pods within the concrete slab provides a stiffer and stronger final product than a conventional 100mm concrete slab on grade, while boasting a radically improved ‘R’ Value due to the encapsulated air pocket formed. A deepened perimeter footing can be omitted and formed directly on the hard fill with 300mm – 320mm boxing saving enormous amounts of time in site preparation and removing the need for multiple pours.

What Changes?

The open-sided QPODs joined together creates a continuous miniature ‘Raft’. Where load bearing walls or extra stiffening is required, a 300mm break is created.  The equivalent height of a traditional polystyrene pod at 220mm high is maintained, while QPOD includes an inbuilt 40mm up-stand to hold the mesh at the correct cover (no barchairs required).

Not a lot changes in the steel & mesh structure with D12 perimeter bars and tie backs at 1100 mm centres, and standard SE62 Mesh or fibre option. The Continuous configuration uses less steel and concrete than a Raft, allowing significant savings and  giving you as much as $1000 savings on a 200m2 slab.


How does this Compare with Raft?

Try our easy calculator comparing the dollar savings with continuous by removing the rib steel & concrete.

Click to Expand Calculator
Click to Expand Calculator


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QPOD Continuous Performance Scope:


QPOD Continuous performs on soils down to 200kPa ground conditions. Otherwise largely bound by the conditions required by the 3604 ‘good ground’ parameters.

Where does the Raft compare?:

The CodeMarked Allied READY Superslab Raft system performs down to 150kPa having a greater bearing spread achieved with the rib structure, any ground movements in liquefaction or expansivity exceeding the allowances within good ground parameters would require S.E.D. as would any other CodeMark system on the market.


kPa Performance
Expansive Ground Performance
Liquefaction - Settlement
QPOD Continuous
QPOD Raft Allied Superslab
3604 Slab on Ground


A continuous QPOD configuration requires an engineer’s PS1 supplied with the plans and PS4 provided upon inspection for ‘good ground’ and TC1 or 3604 floor standards and can perform down to 200KPA ground. Anything lower would be best suited to use the Allied Ready SuperSlab, which can still perform down to 150KPA ground.

Outside of the 3604 standards, (sometimes referred to as TC2 following the Canterbury quake review) various aspects such as, foundation design, soil type, ground strength, Liquefaction & seismic factors can fall beyond the scope of the ‘good ground’ criteria and will require additional engineering input and a Specific Engineered Design (SED).

QPOD can supply engineering at an on-charged fee with national Civil & Structural Engineers. QPOD have qualified inspectors available NZ wide to provide fast inspection of your QPOD Floor.

Benefits Include:

QPOD Continuous has the following benefits over conventional foundations:

  • Less concrete used than Slab on grade
  • Up to $1000 savings on a 200m2 slab
  • Faster installation
  • Minimal Excavation
  • Thermally insulated
  • 100% Recycled & 100% Recyclable

Where to use it?

QPOD Continuous can be used on good ground conditions and down to 200kPa including:

  • Residential foundations and slabs
  • Shed floors
  • Small commercial buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Hospitality Projects

Want A CodeMark Certified Solution?

Save Time, Save Money. QPOD™ CodeMark™ Certification

QPOD is a CodeMark™ certified solution. What are the benefits in CodeMark™ certification when it comes to QPOD™, well it means cost savings including less concrete, less steel, no engineering. It also means a streamlined approval process and your choice of concrete.

Download QPOD Continuous Standard Detailing

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