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When it comes to building and construction, the choice of foundation can significantly impact both the structural integrity of a building and its overall cost-effectiveness. When choosing QPOD™ you have two configurations available (dependent on your specific site conditions) : Raft and Continuous.  


Recapping the Different Configurations

QPOD™ Foundation Systems, aims to save time while providing an eco-friendly alternative to traditional 3604 slab-on-grade and ‘raft’ style foundation configurations. QPOD™ Continuous, specifically, is an above-ground foundation system that delivers real benefits over conventional concrete foundations.

With QPOD™ Continuous, a nest of pods within the concrete slab provides a stiffer and stronger final product compared to a conventional 100mm concrete slab on grade. Additionally, the encapsulated air pocket formed within the structure drastically improves the ‘R’ Value, enhancing thermal efficiency and reducing heating and cooling costs.

One standout feature of QPOD™ Continuous is the ability to omit a deepened perimeter footing, which is typically required in traditional foundation systems. By forming the perimeter footing directly on the hard fill with 300mm to 320mm boxing, significant time savings are achieved in site preparation, and the need for multiple pours is eliminated.

Raft Configuration
Continuous Configuration
raft vs continuous

When considering the cost implications of foundation options, QPOD™ Continuous generally comes out as the more cost-effective choice when compares to a QPOD™ raft foundations. Here’s why:

  1. Material Costs: QPOD™ Continuous requires fewer materials compared to QPOD™ raft foundations, particularly in terms of concrete and reinforcement. The streamlined construction process and simplified design contribute to reduced material expenses.
  2. Labour Costs: The construction of QPOD™ Continuous is simpler and requires less labour compared to QPOD™ Raft foundations. With fewer components and a more straightforward installation process, labour costs are significantly minimised.
  3. Site Preparation: The ability to omit a deepened perimeter footing with QPOD™ Continuous results in substantial time savings in site preparation. This translates to reduced excavation and formwork costs, as well as fewer resources allocated to ground improvement measures.


So how does this play out in terms of overall cost savings on average? Well the tricky part is it’s actually quite hard to put a coverall percentage discount on the overall cost savings involved in choosing a QPOD™ Continous system, below we unpack some real world comparisons.

A Small Slab Example

In March 2023, we quoted a small slab, and whilst the difference in the cost for the QPOD componentry was 11% higher for Continuous configuration, due to an increased number of QPODs, and extenders required, the overall cost of the concrete and steel was some 27% cheaper as per below. 

In this example the concrete and steel accounted for some 75% of the overall foundation cost, by making the switch to Continuous, the customer made an overall saving of 17% in their overall foundation cost. 

A Larger Slab Example

In February 2023 we quoted on a larger slab, and as part of this quoted on both Continuous and Raft configurations.

As per the previous example, whilst the cost of the Continuous configuration cost more than a Raft configuration based on QPOD componentry alone (with the Continuous Configuration option coming out some 12% higher), the overall savings in concrete and steel was an incredible 24.5% as below.

In this example the concrete and steel accounted for some 75% of the overall foundation cost, by making the switch to Continuous, the customer made an overall saving of 14.18% in their overall foundation cost. 


In conclusion, while both QPOD™ Continuous and QPOD™ Raft foundations are great solutions for your building needs, this analysis underscores the cost advantages of QPOD™ Continuous. Through its streamlined construction process, reduced material requirements in concrete and steel, lower labour costs, and time-saving site preparation benefits, QPOD™ Continuous as a cost-effective choice. However, it’s essential to evaluate specific project requirements and factors beyond cost alone to make the most informed decision regarding foundation options. 

We’ve included a materials usage comparison below so you can calculate the potential savings to be realised in using a QPOD Continuous configuration. 

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