Here at QPOD™ we’re excited about the growth in sustainable building products, beyond our own QPOD™ offering. In New Zealand, and indeed globally, the construction industry’s adoption of sustainable building products is pivotal. In this quickfire article we take a look at just four reasons why sustainable building materials are not just a preference but a necessity in shaping a greener and more sustainable future for Aotearoa.

Environmental Preservation and Conservation

According to Branz the construction and demolition industry is one of the largest waste-producing industries in New Zealand. Construction and demolition waste may represent up to 50% of all waste generated in New Zealand, with 20% of the waste going to landfilland 80% going to cleanfill sites. Utilising locally sourced, renewable, and recycled materials helps reduce carbon emissions associated with transportation while conserving native resources.

Mitigating Climate Impact

The built environment has a responsibility to mitigate the effects of its products and processes as it contributes 15-20% of the total greenhouse gas emissions in New Zealand. These are primarily made up of the long-lived gas carbon dioxide (CO₂).

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Economy and Innovation

Supporting the use of sustainable building products encourages local innovation and economic growth. New Zealand’s dedication to fostering a circular economy thrives on utilising locally sourced and recycled materials, contributing significantly to the estimated NZ$1.5 billion NZ waste sector. This promotes job opportunities within the country while stimulating innovation in eco-friendly construction solutions.

Enhancing Energy Efficiency

The New Zealand Government has set a target for 50% of total final energy consumption to come from renewable sources by 2035 (source, MBIE). According to BRANZ, the construction sector currently use 5% of New Zealand’s total energy. 

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Embracing sustainable building products isn’t merely about constructing structures; it’s a commitment to safeguarding New Zealand’s natural beauty, reducing carbon emissions, and creating healthier, more energy-efficient living spaces. By prioritising sustainable materials in construction projects, we contribute to the well-being of our environment, communities, and future generations.

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