Here at QPOD™ Foundation Systems we’re always excited when we have the opportunity to open up a building site to the trade, and allied partners including builders, geotechs, and architects and open the discussion around the problem QPOD™ solves, and see a real life building site who have used and specified QPOD™ as the foundation solution.

And when it came to sites, they couldn’t have got much better, and even the weather gods turned up for the event, after a bit of a wintery blast in our hometown of Napier, the sun decided to shine down on what was an epic open site from the amazing Ahuriri waterfront right here in Napier which featured a steel superstructure which will still be home to an incredible 2-storey home all built on TC3 ground conditions.

One of the best things about an Open Site though is the opportunity to talk to your questions around QPOD and sustainable foundations in general. Below we unpack your top 3 questions at the Napier Open Site.

So what were your 3 biggest questions?

What ground conditions can you work with?

Our Open Site featured TC3 ground conditions, however QPOD can be applied with any ground condition. The below video unpacks this in a little more detail along with the use of piles in a QPOD foundation. 


Tell me more about sustainability?

A common question we get at Open Sites is the question around sustainability, is QPOD sustainable, and how’s it made? Here at QPOD we’re all about sustainability and our product is made from 100% recycled material, that’s 100% recyclable with zero landfill waste. Not only that but we also make our QPOD’s right here in Hawke’s Bay, and control the entire manufacturing and distribution process so we can guarantee we only ever act in the planet’s best interest. 


What’s with all the colours, and what do they signify?

We quite often get the question about the various colours seen onsite, whilst most of our imagery features our black pods, the bottom line is given our commitment to sustainability and recycling that our pods come in a range of colours which are dependent on the dominant base colour of the recycled material in that run. 

There are no other differences in the pods themselves, this one just boils down to a question of sustainability and recycling. 


Thanks again to everyone that joined us at our Napier Open Site, and if we can help uncover any questions you have about QPOD or sustainable foundations, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.