Research has shown that New Zealand has some of the coldest houses in the world!  For this reason, Josh and his family not only planned their dream home to be beautiful but also be cosy and warm during the cold winter nights in Oamaru.

Oamaru is the largest town in North Otago, in the South Island of New Zealand and has average temperatures of 10.4 °C and annual rainfall of almost 800mm. Therefore, it comes as no surprise those extra measures should be in place for a toasty home.

Why QPOD™?

Apart from QPOD™ being the sustainable choice and manufactured with 100% recycled plastic, it’s proven that raft slabs (on top of the ground) are stronger than conventional ‘in ground’ slabs during earthquakes.  In addition, higher insulation (R-value ratings) is achieved with the 220mm encapsulated air thermal break underfoot, making for a cosy home during the winter months.  For this reason, Josh made the decision to make use of the QPOD™ Flooring system.

What benefits Josh can enjoy from his QPOD™ flooring?

  • Earth Friendly Flooring Solution
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Fast clip & easy application
  • Strong & durable
  • Adjustable to fit any slab configuration
  • Minimal waste
  • Significate savings on building costs

What is hydronic underfloor heating?

Belle Comfort Solutions provides a wide range of premium hydronic central heating solutions for your home. For underfloor heating, warm water is used to transfer heat evenly and gently around through a circuit of water pipes.  These can be laid in the floor or lead to radiators which become “heat emitters” that radiate heat in every room of your home.  With some research, Josh was made aware that these 2 systems are the perfect match for his Oamaru slab and had the architect drawings finalized, specifying QPOD™ and Belle Comfort’s underfloor heating, saying: “It’s a match that works seamlessly together!”

Key benefits of hydronic underfloor heating

  1. Energy efficient – reduce your carbon footprint
  2. Cost effective – low maintenance and best long-term investment
  3. Effortless – automated settings without lifting a finger
  4. Versatile – different heat settings for each area
  5. Healthier living – dry home keeps your family happy and healthy

How does Belle Comfort Solutions’ underfloor heating and QPOD™ work together?

QPOD™ and underfloor heating are the perfect match. QPOD™ encapsulate air to improve the thermal capabilities and produce exceptional R Values of up to R3.5 (depending on area to perimeter ratio), combined with underfloor heating you’ll have one cosy and toasty home. From a technical point of view where underfloor heating is specified, the concrete topping will be increase to 100mm and the pipes are no larger than 16mm diameter (commercial sites can go up to 20mm). Further info is available here.

Let’s Insulate This!

Josh has a luxuriously warm Raft floor now, let’s not let all that warmth escape out the side and base of the slab! The QuickSet system provides a fully insulated foundation which includes QuickSet’s pre-finished insulated side wall panel and full blanket ground insulation providing a fully thermally broken slab. The formwork or side wall is pre-finished in grey (meaning no plastering required) and has a protective wrap to be removed before building is finished.
Nationwide QuickSet is installed by their own in-house foundation teams with years of experience and 100’s of raft installs under their belt. So, whether it be underflooring heating, split level, block work or a simple QuickSet raft foundation, they take care of the install, pour and saw cuts.

Key benefits of the QuickSet Formwork

  • Transportation & storage savings
  • Fast click-in system with permanent formwork
  • Great savings on labour costs

As Josh said, you can also get your combined QPOD™ and Belle Comfort flooring today!


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