What is Aquacomb?

Aquacomb is an innovative detention and re-use system designed to manage rainwater and stormwater and beneficial for both residential and commercial buildings. Aquacomb is a series of interconnected water storage pods that are located within a concrete slab, under driveways or decks which provides more usable space for homeowners and businesses.

Whether you have a need for water detention and/or water retention, Aquacomb provides the smartest, most efficient solution for all water storage requirements.

How does Aquacomb work with QPOD™?

Because of the 1100mm x 1100mm size pods for both Aquacomb and QPOD™, this combination works seamlessly together for an Earth Friendly Flooring Solution.  Both products are manufactured from recycled plastic, and all offcuts are 100% recyclable. QPOD™ is designed to be adjustable to fit any slab configuration.  As with QPOD™, Aquacomb is quick and easy to install, which saves days in construction time and significantly reduces building costs.


Similarities between Aquacomb and QPOD™:

Earth Friendly Flooring Solution
100% Recyclable
Same size: 1100 x 1100 mm = easy application
Strong & Durable
Adjustable & fit any slab configuration
Fast application & savings on building costs
Minimal waste which leads to a clean & tidy site

How to incorporate Aquacomb and QPOD™ in your foundation?

To make the most of an Aquacomb water storage solution, we recommend working with your architect or engineer to design the required number of Aquacombs into the slab.  To optimize both Aquacomb and QPOD™ material usages, QPOD™ also offer the service of preparing layouts specific to your house project shape and design specifications.  See our services section for more information about the Architect and Specific Engineered design packages.

Aquacomb Configuration Example

What detailing do I need with Aquacomb?

Aquacomb can be incorporated into std QPOD™ detailing for good ground situations, dependent on your ground conditions your engineer will tailor the detailing to suit. Our standard QPOD™ detailing for Raft configuration can be downloaded here.

QPOD™ – Standard Detailing RAFT Config

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