Silverhills was an interesting project, 360m2 incorporating the QPOD Raft system. Engineered by Design Phase Hastings the slab was situated on a steep hill cut site with engineered retaining walls either side. Although featuring challenging contour conditions the slab design was nothing extra special with std 305mm FFL and 85mm topping, several load thickenings and control joints in the slab assisted with the shape and complexity of the foundation loadings. Adrian Mooney from Pronto Build enjoyed his first ever experience with QPOD Earth Friendly Flooring commenting “it’d be great to try it on a standard build if we got that opportunity”. 

“For a first time with QPOD there’s always the learning process, like when we first learnt how to lay Rib Raft, but being a windy site we would have had problems with polystyrene up here. This was a complex site, it’d be great to try it on a standard build if we go that opportunity.”

Adrian Mooney – Pronto Build


Adrian Mooney – Pronto Build.

QPOD Raft slabs are fast becoming a national favourite, available as a standard CodeMarked system when used in conjunction with Allied Ready Superslab QPOD is also readily adapted for TC2, TC3 and expansive ground situations.

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It’s truly a pleasure working with contractors like Adrian, especially passionate about his profession and eager to see a change in the industry for the better. QPOD is available NZ wide manufactured and designed in Hawke’s Bay.

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