QPOD recycled plastic pods being placed in their raft configuration

The Steiner School Project

Towards the end of 2019, the Motueka Stenier School Trust approved the build for their new Primary School. The land was purchased prior, and then they had to gain a Resource Consent before fundraising for the building then embarking on the construction.


Bell Stephenson Architects had the task of finding a suitable constuction method for the foundation for the five new classroms to be built on ground that needed to be stabilised. Many construction methods were investigated but with carefull selection and discussions with the supportive team at Motueka ITM, the decision was made to engage QPOD.

Decision process

Greg Law of Orca Developments traditionally would have used a timber floor construction but because of the needed ground improvements and deep piles required, the idea was presented to use a raft type slab. He had prepared polystyrene type raft floors in the past and warned against the mess and difficulty to dispose that the poly presented. Greg then conducted some research where he found QPOD. The only plastic style raft foundation, made from 100% recycled plastics, in New Zealand, with next to no waste.

It ticked the boxes for me

Greg Law | Orca Developments

The design

So, the project kicked off at the end of 2019. Gabrielle from Bell Stephenson Architects prepared all the consents for council, which as Gabrielle explains,

Was a breeze. The team at QPOD provided all the detail I needed with the easy to download DWG files from the website meaning there was no RFI’s from the council. This just keeps the project flowing so much easier”.

Gabrielle Bell | Bell Stephenson Architects


Gabrielle Bell and Andrew Stephenson from Bell Stephenson Architects, familiar with QPOD design

The build

The team at Motueka ITM supplied the QPODs and components, everything came well packed and stacked together,

“Just a couple of tandem trailer loads and you have the product to site”.

Once Greg created a system to box up the first two floors, it took a little longer than expected to get going, but the following floors followed on consecutively, a lot quicker, and were able to use the same boxing system. Another great feature was how easy it was to lay the steel and no requirement for barchairs using the special little built in upstand which is a unique feature with the QPOD system.
All in all, the project flowed well even through the hassles with the covid lockdown.

We felt supported through the project from the QPOD team and the ITM staff which means a lot to the installerI would definitely be happy to share my recommendations with others considering an ecological foundation system”.

Project photos

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Allied Concrete

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