The Te Horo Project

When Adam Johnson – apprentice Builder and studying Architect set about planning his first steps towards a temporary ‘barn’ designed to house him throughout his future home build, he qualified select options in the market in the early design stages. Initially introduced to QPOD™ Flooring System through the Quick Set Formwork solution Adam was confirmed the alliance of the two systems would achieve a remarkably high R value contributing to the overall insulation of his Te Horo project.


Calculating the ‘R’ Value

R-Value is a measure of resistance to heat flow through a given thickness of material. Around 14 percent of heat is typically lost through the floor. That’s why choosing the right foundation to build on is important. QPOD™ Flooring System R Value can be calculated using our area to perimeter ratio calculator.

Adam’s slab design was straightforward and with QPOD™ Flooring System alone he was achieving compliant R1.3+. Adam chose also to be a NZ First to adopt the Quick Set Formwork System, a fully insulated formwork system creating both a permanent formwork and edge + under slab insulation combination. Quick Set Formwork is internally braced meaning once the concrete is poured no boxing needs to be removed. Adding a whopping 1.4R to an already insulated raft floor design with QPOD™ Flooring System meant Adam was achieving R value totalling 2.7R in his foundation alone. All this at the price of a standard market rate for a raft floor.

Reaping The Benefits

Adam, claiming himself as a reasonably pedantic person, liked the design aspect of QPOD™ Flooring System with its collection of components suited to accommodate the intricacies of the slab around load bearing walls, beams and plumbing protrusions. For the Te Horo project we chose to run the plumbing within the slab, one of the many benefits of working with the hollow plastic QPOD™ Flooring System.

Being involved directly in the Te Horo project Hamish Wells – Consulting Civil Engineer enjoyed the project and it’s simplicity mentioning he would put in a good word to local Architectural groups

“From my standpoint the project went very well with no problems. You need to have a dossier together to present to Group home builders on the Costs & efficiencies, I could put in a good word for you. But project in all went well.”

Hamish Wells – Consulting Civil Engineer

What Lies Ahead?

Studying to become a qualified Architect & Draftsman Adam has friends in the architect profession and would recommend the product to anyone. Also doing his builders apprenticeship he is adamant to better understand the current market better giving him the ability to specify QPOD™ Flooring System on all his future jobs. The green approach QPOD™ Flooring System takes was important to Adam who expects to see a massive change in New Zealand over the next 10 years to remove polystyrene pods from the construction industry.

Its all down to dollars and cents but when coupled with QuickSet Formwork system there is a massive advantage in price delivering a full system to the market at 2.7R value which is impressive.

Find out how you can get QPOD™ Flooring System specified for your new environmentally friendly home build.

QPOD™ Flooring System can be supplied in a 1.1 x 1.1m square configuration identical to that of a traditional polystyrene waffle pod configuration making a seamless CodeMark solution when used in conjunction with READY Superslab requiring no additional engineering on standard ‘good ground’ situations.