Chris Ballantyne | Longview Homes, EBOP

“We can’t speak highly enough of this system and the team at QPOD™. I had always had a conscience of the effect Polystyrene pods are having on our environment. Between the small beads created by cutting and the fact we had no local recycler of the offcuts. Now we have no waste at all, and the added bonus is this system is very easy and really time efficient. A team of 2 builders had this ready for pour in less than 27 hrs from first day on site including setting it out.
and to top it off the team at QPOD™ are great to work with and really helpful.
Highly recommended.”

Gabrielle Bell | Bell Stephenson Architects

“Was a breeze. The team at QPOD provided all the detail I needed with the easy to download DWG files from the website meaning there was no RFI’s from the council. This just keeps the project flowing so much easier”.

Steiner School Project

Ryan – Downing construction

“We changed to QPOD, much cleaner, much tidier, less mess and being able to have a straight swap with the polystyrene without having to get any consents done. Poured really well, had no problems with the pods or steel moving.”

Lifecare Retirement Village – Cambridge

Davie Robinson – Wanaka Builder

“Overall it looks like it will be a really strong slab and the pods were much better to use than polystyrene”

Robinson Build

Dave Barker – Allied Concrete

“… after a windy night… build sites using polystyrene pods spent the next day collecting broken pods from about the neighborhood while the QPOD’s were sitting tight un-moved.”

Christchurch Test Site

Hamish Wells – Consulting Civil Engineer

“From my standpoint the project went very well with no problems. You need to have a dossier together to present to Group home builders on the Costs & efficiencies, I could put in a good word for you. But project in all went well. ”

High R Value in Te Horo

Greg Law | Orca Developments

“We felt supported through the project from the QPOD team and the ITM staff which means a lot to the installer. I would definitely be happy to share my recommendations with others considering an ecological foundation system”.

Steiner School Project

Chris Coulam | Aquacomb

“quick and easy takes away polystyrene LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!”.


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