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FREE QPOD Plan Layouts

Many clients prefer us to draw up their first QPOD slab layout to optimize material usage. Here at QPOD, we offer your first layout for FREE done in just 2 working days. And all we require from you is your site plans with QPOD specified in the foundation design. No catches and obligations. If you would like to know more and take advantage of this offer, contact us today or submit your set of plans using the button below. Note: All detailing and specifics referred to in what we produce are freely downloadable from our resources pages should you be happy to draw them up yourself. You can check out our best practices guide for reference. Need your foundation designed? Try our engineering service offerings below.

Let Us Be Your Engineer

Many projects today fall outside the design Parameters set out in the CodeMark Allied Superslab with QPOD design manual, whether it be expansive ground, liquefaction or purely house design. At QPOD we believe in making life easy for our clients, that’s why we offer online engineering and foundation drafting services customized to your project. Choose one of our two Engineer’s friend packages; CodeMark & S.E.D to save you time and energy designing your 1st QPOD foundation. Be it a fully engineered foundation suited to varied ground conditions complete with PS1, or simply a full slab plan and specific detailing suitable for council submission within the CodeMark Parameters. Note: all detailing and specifics referred to in what we produce is freely downloadable from our resources pages should you be happy to design yourself.

“The QPOD Engineering service is brilliant! Sometimes I chase up engineers for months for completion,
QPOD had mine finished so fast I never needed to follow them up at all!
Love this service.”


Licensee Owner, Latitude Homes

Be your own engineer with – Specifi

Specifi, the complete New Zealand online structural engineering software, allows you to design intelligent residential engineering solutions in-house for a wide range of structural elements without consulting directly with a professional engineer, saving you time and money. Specifi allows you to design QPOD foundations including TC1 and TC2 systems, timber subfloors, masonry block foundation walls, and more. Ground improvement options are available and additional details such as shower rebates, underfloor heating and control joints can be included.

Try Specifi FREE today, choose ‘QPOD Foundation’ when selecting foundation systems

Specifi brings intelligent engineering solutions to you instantly

Save time with instant QPOD foundation solutions that include Quality Assurance completed within 2 working days.


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