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“The QPOD Engineering service is brilliant! Sometimes I chase up engineers for months for completion,
QPOD had mine finished so fast I never needed to follow them up at all!
Love this service.”

Step 1

We receive the files from you

You send in your Architec’ts, Geotechnical, truss, and if applicable, Engineer’s documents.

Step 2

We draw the design

We review your documents, draw the layout,  and conduct a final review with PS1 issued by a Senior Engineer.

Step 3

You receive your layout

We supply you with the QPOD Layout and component quantities, PS1, and a quote.

Us vs. Them

By working with QPOD, you get a complete service tailored to QPOD foundation design easily understood by an engineer, council & contractors alike. We’ll configure QPOD to the most effective layout taking into account load thickenings, footings, recessed showers and other details as required on the floor layout.

All you have to do is supply us with your existing plans complete with soil reports, truss design, bracing plan, and leave the rest to us. All these, with our competitive pricing and quick 15-day turnaround time.

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    What would happen if you  don’t opt for QPOD to engineer your slab?


    QPOD won’t be configured to the most effective layout taking into account load thickenings.