At QPOD™, we empower homeowners, architects, engineers, contractors, governments, and entrepreneurs to make Earth-friendly foundation choices today. Our comprehensive QPOD™, system has reshaped perceptions of construction. For those who once believed that building on our beautiful landscape required sacrificing healthy material choices, QPOD™, offers a transformative solution.

Crafted from 100% recycled material, which is also 100% recyclable and generates zero landfill waste, the QPOD™ foundation system transforms recycled materials and former waste into the very foundations upon which New Zealanders now build their homes. Use the calculator below to input your QPOD™, components and discover the number of recycled bottles* incorporated into your foundation.


PLEASE NOTE: While the majority of QPOD™ product utilises recycled bottles for its plastic stream, we also incorporate various other types of recycled plastic materials in our products. The figure provided below represents a recycled bottle equivalent and serves as a reference for the amount of recycled plastic utilised in your foundation.

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