The QPOD™ calculator is only as accurate as the input values provided, please be sure to consider each factor for best results. We have provided the QPOD calculator as a guide only and is based on our professional knowledge of the Raft slab structure with QPOD™ system.

We welcome any feedback on the calculations and would love to hear more about your project.

How to use the QPOD™ Calculator.

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Estimates are based on the input values used in the QPOD™ calculator, actual concrete usages will vary based on site preparation accuracy, service penetrations, shower recesses and many other factors outside our control, a nominal 5-10% extra would be a normal additional allowance when ordering concrete.


QPOD™ components required can be estimated based on the m2 as per input values used in the QPOD™ calculator, actual pod and accessory usages will vary based on the configuration of your floor.

A full floor configuration can be prepared for you by the QPOD™ foundations team for accurate QS and ordering.

Email or submit plans using the submit form provided.



Identify your zone R. Value requirement.

Choose the foundation system that suits your design and meets the requirements for your zone.
These options incorporate the use of The Quickset Insulated formwork systems tailored to suit H1/AS1 Requirements Effective 29 November 2021

Determine QPOD Compliance to H1/AS1 through Verification.

Referencing F.1.1 ‘Methods for determining construction R-values for slab-on-ground floors this states The construction R-values for concrete slab-on-ground floors, including floors of basements that contain conditioned spaces, shall be determined using: a) The performance tables described in Section F.1.2; or b) The calculation method in Verification Method H1/VM1 Appendix F. Here we reference results based on the calculation method in Verification Method.

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