QPOD Virtual Open Day


Here at QPOD™ Foundation Systems we’re excited to be delivering a virtual Open Site where we’ll be coming to you live from the amazing Ahuriri waterfront right here in Napier. We’ll be onsite at one of Napier’s latest sites which features a steel superstructure and will still be home to an incredible 2-storey home all built on TC3 ground conditions.

In this 15 minute Virtual Open Day, where all you’ll need is a wifi connection or some good mobile connection we’ll be:

1. Exploring the Future of Foundations : At the features that QPOD brings to your bottom line, your team, and of course the planet.

2. Take A Look Around A Real World Site: We’ll take you around the site, and see how the foundation has come together and what the next steps are in the build process.

3. Interactive Sessions and Q&A: A great opportunity for you to fire your questions at us!

We can’t wait to see you there!