You will be pleased to know Allied have updated their manual for the Codemarked READY Superslab Foundation system.

This means a lot for designers and architects who are specifying the Superslab system taking advantage of the Codemark and not requiring engineer input to the design.

Some of the main updates to note as follows:

  • Now no minimum length or size so long as free joints are appropriately detailed when over 30m. (see p.5)
  • Clarification around measuring bearing strength, suitable to apply on as low as 150kPa UB(p.6)
  • Clarification and limitations around what defines a ‘narrow corridor’ in foundation shape (p.7)
  • Clarifications and limitations on ‘Projections’ in foundation shape (p.7)
  • Inclusion of Quickset insulated formwork system (p.34)

This makes Superslab the only Codemarked insulated Raft slab on the market now modified to work in so many situations for NZ.

Download the latest manual.